About Us


Founded in 1992, Backstreets soon grew into a popular Clemson hangout, a place to meetup with friends and meet new ones.  In 1999, Overtime Private Sports Bar opened up downstairs.  This expansion gave patrons somewhere to go after hours and on Sundays when other downtown bars were closed.  In the Fall of 2015,  Backstreets and Overtime became one and unveiled a new outside seating area.  The upper deck is perfect for watching the brilliant Clemson sunsets while enjoying your favorite beverage over great conversation with friends.  On Fall Saturdays you will find Backstreets packed with ravenous Clemson fans watching both home and away games.  If you’re an opposing fan feel free to come in and enjoy the atmosphere.  We’ll be sure to show you some of that famous Clemson hospitality to nurse you through your loss. Go Tigers!!!!