Why the 1 stars?

We have a lot of false one-star reviews bringing our rating down. Back in 2014 we put up a sign taking a stand against guns being allowed in college bars. Guns and alcohol don’t mix. We still stand behind the infamous sign’s initial meaning. Unfortunately, the narcissism and anonymity of the internet coupled with the vague wording used on the sign caused a lot of people to feel offended. We got phone calls from every state, Britain, & Guam. While being in the New York Times, on TV, on the radio, and going viral on the internet was an interesting experience, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as good business model. Pointing out the false reviews to Google did nothing, at least we were able to get Yelp to add a disclaimer, stating that some of the reviews may be false. We’ve been open 25 years, we aren’t going anywhere and if you removed all the false 1-star reviews, we’re around 4.5 stars. The funny thing is, every time the sign got reposted and went viral, our sales went up. Locals love us and if you’re coming in from out of town, try us out; our staff is great, but our food is better! Feel free to leave a review.